System Guarantees Quality

Medical diagnosis cares about life, Green production creates civilization

Maccura has well established quality control system to form an effective circle from the market survey, product R&D, and manufacturing technique to customer service. The product quality could be guaranteed in each step.

Lean management during the production

Lean production process management will greatly improve efficiency. Divide the working procedure according to the production process, standardize the connecting time of each working procedure, and guarantee the connecting efficiency of the preceding and the following working procedures. Standardize the operation and working hours of a single production process; Count the input time efficiency of production personnel and match the production time to ensure the effective resources allocation. Evaluate the resource matching and production plan on daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure the effective progress of then production plan.


Strict regulation for reserved sample

We have made regulations for reserved sample management and re-inspection management. Each batch of each product will be reserved in proportion, and set the observation frequency and detection index, and work out the analysis reports for the product stability. The sample reservation could ensure the stable product quality within the expiry date. Abnormal conditions could be found and informed in time. Those actions, including recalling, changing or refunding, could be made. Meanwhile, the corresponding lots could be found when there is a complaint.

Establish the machining workshop

The workshop is divided into machining area and sheet metal working area. Advanced devices of machining and sheet metal working were introduced from Germany, Japan and USA, to meet the manufacture requirements of accessories for instruments.

- Manufacture the sample parts in advance to shorten the lead time of parts and improve the speed of instrument development.

- Processing complex process parts. Improve the quality of parts processing and provide process standards for suppliers.

- Provide learning opportunities for R&D designers to understand the manufacturing process of machining and sheet metal processing.

- Provide other departments with tooling, equipment and facilities to improve work efficiency


Establish the environmental laboratory and precision test chamber

In order to guarantee the precision of machined parts, Maccura has established precision test chambers, and equip with world-class trilinear coordinates instruments and two dimensional projectors. Meanwhile, Maccura has invested several millions into the establishment of environmental laboratories to guarantee the reliability of products, and purchased environmental testing equipment to guarantee the stability of products under those conditions of high temperature, high humidity and low temperature, also reduce the rectification time for type test, and speed up the product realization.



Accuracy Originates from Traceability

Accuracy is the rigid requirement for IVD products. Maccura will regard “I’m Accurate” as the commitment and responsibility, and aims to lay the foundation of accuracy from traceability.


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